Redemption Church Foothills (RCF)  is committed to the Bible as the authority over all of our lives. From this commitment, we draw out the following distinctives of our Church body.

  1. RCF is a church committed to the Supremacy of the Glory of God, with its greatest expression in the Person and Redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ; this being the central purpose of the universe and our highest good, joy and priority in all of life.
  2. RCF is a church committed to keeping and fighting for the Functional Centrality of the Gospel to be at the center of all that we preach, teach, and do as a church.
  3. RCF is a church committed to being totally dependent on the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit for leading, teaching and guiding us through the Scriptures in understanding and living out God’s will.
  4. RCF is a church committed to an unflinching, unwavering, relentless dependence on The Authority of the Bible for all of life, by placing the importance and profitability of clearly understanding the Bible and its doctrine.
  5. RCF is a church committed to understanding the beauty and priority of thinking and living as the New Spiritual Identity in Christ.
  6. RCF is a church committed to Grace-Motivated Progressive Sanctification as the means for our spiritual growth toward Christlikeness.
  7. RCF is a church committed to fulfilling The Great Commission; making disciples locally, nationally and globally through evangelism, church planting, leadership training and Mercy Ministries.